My Story

For years I’ve contemplated doing what all girls want.  I wanted to create smiles, offer authenticity, and evoke true convenience and hospitality…all while running a business that can not only be enjoyable, but a business that nurtures the spirits of quality family time and giving back to the local community. At the end of the day, I truly believe that all of the above are the perfect cocktail that truly matters!

I worked in the dental field for 11 years, all of which were enjoyable. My favorite aspect of the field was making my patients feel comfortable, earning their trust, and educating them on caring for themselves.

I still have many close relationships with many of my past patients and co-workers.  In 2010 I made the commitment to leave the field to venture into the family excavation/construction industry which we established as a new business.  I embraced the challenge and to this day the Company is doing well and nurtures over thirty local families. 

After 17 busy years it was time to make yet another change that allowed me to spend more time closer to my family, friends, and what’s near and dear to my heart…helping others.

What Makes Us Unique

All About You

At K. PAIGE we revolve around YOUR desires. Our website and storefront request your input on any suggestions and/or merchandise requests that you crave. WE LOVE NEW FINDS AND RECOMMENDATIONS!


We work hard to make sure each square foot is compiled of one-of-a-kind finds.

Ladies Nights

We offer Ladies Nights once a month and by appointment(s). (i.e. wine, cheese, style advice, and chocolate if necessary!)

Kids Care

Once a month in Spring/Summer we also do “K. PAIGE KIDS CARE” night. On this night we invite kids and their parents, etc. to attend a cash only event (crafts, classes, etc) that will be scheduled on our events calendar. ALL proceeds will go to a charitable organization, family in need, etc. that the KIDS CHOOSE! 100% What a GREAT way to spend time together with your youngster AND teach about giving back and being part of something that they’ll remember for a lifetime.

We’d Love to Hear from You

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